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Halal beauty brand Safi empowers women in campaign for fragrance launch


Halal beauty brand Safi has partnered with Mediabrands Content Studio to launch an initiative that empowers women this Raya, and they did so this year with a musical.

The campaign, titled ‘#SafiRayaSupaVass is anchored in the catchphrase ‘Vass’, which translates to looking and feeling spectacular, as defined in a statement to the press.

In order to transform the idea of ‘Vass’ to a call of empowerment while also promoting its new shampoo. Safi Shayla SUPA, launched a musical called ‘Jodoh Syafiderella’, which is a spin on the well-known tale of Cinderella.

With a cast that includes Aniq Suhair, an ongoing Safi ambassador, local celebrity Kilafairy, and content creator Sofea Shaheera, the musical has garnered over 4.5 million views since its launch at the time of writing.

Lyndy Tan, associate creative director of MBCS said that the team wanted to ensure that the musical adequately delivers the ‘Vass-ness’ of the product to audiences.

“As this year’s film is also a pre-launch for [Supa], I feel that the MBCS team captured this first introduction in a catchy, creative and truly ‘vass’ manner, in order for the brand to emotionally connect with our female audience. Letting all Malaysian Malay women know that Safi Raya Supa Vass is here to keep you feeling confident and looking your best,” said Saki Goh, senior general manager of marketing at Wipro Unza.


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