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World of Statistics List Reveals 15% of Kuwaitis as Millionaires


In a recent report by the World of Statistics, Switzerland has emerged as the global leader in terms of the proportion of millionaires in its population. According to Al, Kuwait is listed at third place, where approximately 15 percent of its citizens are recognized as millionaires. In terms of rankings, Qatar secures the 22nd position globally and stands as the second wealthiest country in the Arab world. Around 3 percent of the Qatari population can be identified as millionaires, reflecting the nation’s impressive wealth distribution.

15.5 percent of Switzerland’s population can be classified as millionaires, making it the country with the highest concentration of wealthy individuals. This data, compiled by the World of Statistics, places Hong Kong in second position, with 15.3 percent of its population considered millionaires.

Singapore secures the fourth spot on the list, with roughly 12.7 percent of its population attaining millionaire status. Australia, the final country in the ranking, boasts a millionaire population exceeding 10 percent, specifically reaching 11.2 percent.

Surprisingly, the United States of America, known for its economic prowess, falls behind these countries, with approximately 9.7 percent of its population classified as millionaires. This figure remains significant, considering the prevailing high inflation rates. Nevertheless, it suggests that being a millionaire does not guarantee absolute escape from hardship or a sense of complete financial security.

The World of Statistics estimates that there are approximately 48 million millionaires worldwide. The United States claims the majority of this affluent group, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the global millionaire population, as reported by World Population.

It is important to note that this ranking is based on the proportion of millionaires relative to each country’s population size, rather than the total number of millionaires.


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